Answering Common Questions About Our Franchise Opportunities
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Answering Common Questions About Our Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities offer a unique type of business ownership. They propose the best of both worlds: the chance to exercise entrepreneurial muscles while enjoying the structure of a model with proven strategies.

The Top Six Franchise Opportunities Questions Answered

In our last post, Common Homecare Franchise Questions Answered, we addressed the general questions entrepreneurs have about franchises. Here’s a quick re-cap:

1. What kind of documentation is involved?
The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) outlines the company’s history including its financial statements and any previous legal actions if applicable. A review of this document does not constitute an agreement. The next step is an examination of the Franchise Agreement (FA). Once signed, it is a binding contract that clarifies all you need to know about the relationship between the franchise and the franchisee by defining the rights and obligations on both sides.

2. What will a franchise want to know about me?
Before signing the FA, you will likely undergo an interview with a franchise representative. They will want to understand your goals and why you’re interested in the franchise opportunities. You should be prepared to answer questions on how you plan to finance your franchise as well as ideas for its continued growth.

3. What reliable sources can help support my decision?
It is appropriate to consult with a franchise attorney to clarify your questions about the FDD and FA as well as an accountant to develop an analysis of projected cash flow. Consulting with other franchise owners is always a great way to get “feet on the street” feedback.

4. Do I need home care experience?
Specific home care experience is not a must. If you are a compassionate person who wishes to help families support their loved ones, it will be evident. Managerial or leadership experience would, however, prove a handy skill set when working in a supervisory capacity.

5. How do I hire the best people?
Your caregivers and office staff will be the lifeblood of your business, so you’ll wish to screen them carefully. An excellent source of possible candidates is the franchise itself. The name recognition of a franchise, like Visiting Angels®, attracts viable applicants in every territory.

6. What’s the advantage of going with an established franchise over opening my own independent senior care business?
As a turnkey solution to business ownership, you’ll receive an education on proven strategies and processes to help grow your enterprise. Along with robust training programs and on-going support, you’ll also reap the benefits of national media campaigns.


Franchise Opportunities with Visiting Angels

Our outstanding reputation and targeted marketing strategies have made Visiting Angels the name synonymous with superior home care and franchise opportunities. Effective communication and unparalleled support are the key differentiators that give our franchisees everything they need.
Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective Visiting Angels’ franchisees:

1. Once my business is up and running, who may I contact to answer questions?
Questions you have about any aspect of your business will be answered by one of our company’s directors. Boasting years of experience in Private Duty Home Care, you may reach out to them for anything, from practical solutions about running your business to concerns about a particular senior in your care. When you invest in Visiting Angels’ franchise opportunities, you will always get the support you need so you may continue to move forward with confidence.

2. I am new to the area and to the home care industry. Does Visiting Angels provide any client leads to help me grow my business?
Absolutely! Our national call center is a 24/7 operation that manages the flood of calls we receive daily. We also obtain leads from website inquiries triggered by our multi-platform advertising strategies. We then deliver thousands of client leads per month to our franchisees.

3. What is a protected territory and how will it benefit me?
While there are a variety of franchise opportunity options, the standard Visiting Angels’ protected territory offers a population of around 200,000. Once granted, you as the franchisee can advertise and contract with families with no need to purchase adjacent territories. Because it is protected, no other franchises in the Visiting Angels’ family can encroach on that potential client base.

4. Can I finance the initial franchise fee?
We do not provide financing. Some franchises do, but at exorbitant interest rates; some as high as 34%. We know you can get a better rate if you secure funding from a lending institution. Visiting Angels prefers NOT to have a borrower-lender relationship with our franchisees so we may instead focus on the reason we are all here in the first place – to care for seniors and their families.

5. Can you describe the company culture?
Our franchise opportunities offer an open communication system where everyone shares thoughts and ideas and provides support. In addition to having access to the company directors, the franchisees share a dynamic relationship through a variety of forums like discussions on our Angel Resource Center (ARC), consistent emails, in-person consultations at our regional meetings, and annual franchisee conferences, as well as the variety of presentations available to all. Additionally, any questions we receive are answered and sent by email to all franchisees on a weekly basis.

6. Is there another means I can find assurance that Visiting Angels is the right franchise for me?
Yes! Based on a comprehensive, independent poll conducted by the highly regarded marketing research firm, Franchise Business Review, Visiting Angels has been named the #1 in-home care franchise system based on franchisee satisfaction.

In other words, we have franchise opportunities that are right for you!

Learn more about Visiting Angels’ franchise opportunities by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.