What Makes Visiting Angels Special Among Care Agencies?
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What Makes Visiting Angels Special Among Care Agencies?

Visiting Angels® is the name synonymous with compassionate support for families and their loved ones. Since 1998, we have been helping entrepreneurs across America to launch the business of their dreams. Read on to find out makes us one of the leading care agencies in America and such a well-respected brand.

Why Care Agencies are in Demand

The demand for care agencies is more prevalent than ever. According to Stanford News, “Life expectancy data from the past 50 years shows that people who survive to age 65 are continuing to live longer than their parents – a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down.”

This longer life expectancy has led to what is called the “Sandwich Generation.” This term is used to describe the many adult children who are in the position of having to care for both their parents as well as their own young children. The Sandwich Generation requires more assistance than ever before, as they are also managing careers and households in addition to their role as caregiver.

The Visiting Angels Mission and Philosophy

At Visiting Angels, the principle that governs everything we do is a straightforward one: 

We help families find peace of mind by providing the care and support
their loved ones need to continue living in the home they love.

We are one of the most successful care agencies because we never lose sight of our focus.

The owners of our franchises are a distinctive breed. They chose to join Visiting Angels because they wanted more than just the experience of business ownership. They want to make a contribution to their community.

Our franchisees also understand that the fabric of life is made of families. Although each family is different, in one important sense, they are similar. They all need help from time to time.

If you share our commitment to giving your best every day and to providing seniors with assistance with the activities of daily living, then we’d like you to join our family.

Our Approach to Care

One of the reasons Visiting Angels is a leader among care agencies is because of our unique approach to care. While each of our franchise locations is independently owned and operated, they are also able to build their unique care offerings on the solid foundation of care that Visiting Angels offers.

Each Visiting Angels location offers a wide range of care programs for their clients. Our most popular care offerings include:

  • Personal Care
    This type of care is the foundation of all our services. It provides assistance with the activities of daily living and makes it possible for seniors to live safely at home.
  • Alzheimer’s Care
    With in-home Alzheimer’s care, it is possible for seniors to avoid the often traumatic move to an assisted living facility.
  • Dementia Care
    Caregivers provide a wide range of assistance for those living with dementia including, but not limited, to wandering prevention assistance.
  • Respite Care
    Family caregivers often need help. Respite care provides them with the support they need to avoid burnout and take care of themselves.

When you open a Visiting Angels franchise, you’ll start with this foundation that makes it easy to establish your business and create a reputation for providing superior in-home care services.

As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you are also encouraged to explore care services that fulfill a unique need in your community and set your care agency a step above the local competition. We have franchisees who have developed programs for everything from serving Veterans to providing in depth support for those with Dementia.

If you want to realize your vision of owning your own business and making a positive impact on the families in your community, then consider choosing a Visiting Angels franchise.

Learn more about Visiting Angels’ care agencies by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.