Marketing Tips for Your In Home Care Franchise
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Marketing Tips for Your In Home Care Franchise

In some ways, running an in home care franchise is similar to running any other type of franchise business. But in certain respects, home care franchisees face a unique set of challenges and circumstances.

Marketing’s an area where this is especially clear. If you’re marketing an in home care franchise, certain local marketing strategies can work wonders for your business. But if you try to market yourself like any other local business, you’ll find it hard to connect with your target market.

One of the biggest marketing challenges for in home care franchise owners is the back-and-forth that occurs between seniors and their loved ones. While other businesses can focus on a single target customer or client, home care agencies need to market themselves to entire families.

Given the resistance that some seniors have to in home care and the tensions that often exist among family members, this can be a tightrope act for care agencies. Moreover, the generation gap between seniors and younger family members will make it difficult to appeal to both groups with a universal marketing strategy.

At the same time, you need to navigate the concerns that seniors and families have about caregiving. Consider the impact that in home care can have on a person’s finances, lifestyle, relationships, health, and well-being. In marketing your business, you need to project a reassuring, compassionate, and trustworthy image to ease any anxieties your clients may have.

Because of these challenges, many marketers struggle to adapt their approach to the needs of caregiver agencies. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing an in home care franchise, you’ll want to consider how different franchisors handle the question of marketing.

Marketing’s Easier with the Right In Home Care Franchise

The market for in home care services has taken off in the past five years. In that time, many entrepreneurs have entered the home care market by purchasing an in home care franchise.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of franchise systems in the caregiving industry. Without a blueprint, it can take forever to learn the basics of our industry, lay the foundation for your business, and start building a successful agency. The right franchisor gives you that blueprint, helping you avoid the growing pains faced by many independent agencies.

The right franchisor will not only provide an overall blueprint for your business but will also provide access to the resources needed to successfully market your franchise. Instead of depending on the jack-of-all-trades approach of a small business marketing agency, you’ll have turnkey strategies designed specifically for the home care industry.

With Visiting Angels®, franchisees enjoy a wealth of local marketing resources. We offer customizable marketing materials through our Angels Resource Center (ARC). We connect franchisees with marketing specialists who understand the ins and outs of home care marketing. And we offer unlimited guidance and support to franchise owners through our regional directors.

On top of these local marketing resources, we also operate a rigorous national marketing program. Visiting Angels’ national marketing efforts include print, radio, and digital campaigns, as well as TV advertising on some of the country’s largest networks. These campaigns have made us one of Americas most recognized home care brands, reinforcing the local marketing efforts of our franchisees.

Want to learn more about the Visiting Angels in home care franchise opportunity, including additional info about our local marketing resources and national marketing programs? Call us today at 800-365-4189 or submit an online request for detailed documentation.