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Retire from Your 9-to-5 Job and Buy a Franchise

After devoting years of your career to someone else’s business, isn’t it time you got to run the show? If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, there are many benefits to putting off retirement and seizing the opportunity to buy a franchise.

Visiting Angels® is a renowned senior care provider with hundreds of successful franchises all over the country. We’re committed to the comfort and well-being of our clients — and the satisfaction of our franchisees.

In this post, we’ll explore why buying a franchise later in life can be a boon for your financial security, your vitality, and your personal fulfillment

Why Buy a Franchise at This Stage in Your Career

If you’ve been counting down the hours every day at your 9-to-5 job, the appeal of early retirement is clear. However, while many people dream about retiring early, the realities of retirement have changed drastically in the last 20 to 30 years.

The cost of living has increased dramatically across the country, while earnings have barely kept up with inflation. In addition, people are living longer, which means many more years living off savings and Social Security.

A longer retirement also means several more years without the structure a job provides. While some people can find new purpose in an extended retirement, many may find themselves bored, aimless, and even isolated. This inactivity can even take a toll on their physical and cognitive health.

By embarking on a second career, you can benefit from the following:

  • Renewed purpose
  • New challenges and mental stimulation
  • Building relationships with colleagues and clientele
  • Larger Social Security payments when you’re ready to retire
  • Freedom from all the “what ifs” down the road

Many associate entrepreneurship with the confidence and foolhardiness of youth. However, many successful entrepreneurs have hit their stride later in life.

So why buy a franchise in particular? The advantages of owning your own franchise include:

  • Independence.
    When you buy a franchise, you can finally be your own boss. You can decide how to manage your business — and can reap the rewards of all your efforts in full.
  • Flexibility.
    If you’ve always felt constrained by the rigidity of the work week, you’ll love being able to set your own schedule as a franchise owner.
  • Existing structure.
    Starting something new is always daunting, but with a franchise, you’ll benefit from brand recognition and a well established model for success.

Why Choose a Senior Care Franchise

You’ve built up years of knowledge and professional experience. Why not apply it to something you find meaningful?

As the population continues to age, the demand for affordable home care will continue to grow. By investing in a senior care franchise, you can enter a profitable and recession-proof industry while providing a vital service for your community.

It’s never too late to make your professional goals a reality, or to find a career you love. To learn more about senior care or find out how to buy a franchise, call Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 or ask for more information online.