Owning a Senior Care Franchise
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Owning a Senior Care Franchise: Providing One-On-One Support

As an entrepreneur, it’s a rare and wondrous thing to find a promising business opportunity that also has a meaningful impact on your community. A senior care franchise provides an essential service for local families while being perfectly positioned in a recession-proof industry that sees greater demand year after year. 

The U.S. population is aging with millions of Americans already providing some form of care for an older family member. Every year, countless families across the country have to decide how to best support their elderly loved ones as they manage their own careers and raise their own families.

Often, this means choosing between assisted living or some form of in-home senior care. But what makes senior care such a compelling option?

Why a Senior Care Franchise Appeals to Seniors

A 2018 AARP survey revealed that 76% of respondents over the age of 50 wished to remain in their home, and 77% within their community. Because of this, many families will seek out services that can enable their loved ones to age in place.

In addition to this widely held personal preference, there is another vital factor that leads families to choose in-home senior care: safety. In contrast to assisted living facilities and other care homes, a senior care franchise can provide one-on-one support for every client in their own home and on their own terms. This allows for more personalized assistance, as caregivers can give their full attention to each client in the moment.

This one-on-one support enables seniors to build relationships with their caregivers and have more input in the care they receive, from establishing a custom care schedule to adapting services as their needs change. Families are also drawn to this model because it provides greater transparency in terms of who will be providing care and whom they can contact if concerns arise.

Through this model of care, caregivers are ideally positioned to build strong bonds with clients and families. They are also able to observe each client’s condition in order to identify risks and propose adjustments that will better serve them. This, again, contributes to a greater sense of trust, which is essential in an industry that generally intersects with families at an emotional time.

The Benefits of Franchising with Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels® is a nationally recognized brand in senior care and is trusted by families across the country to provide compassionate and flexible in-home care. Our senior care franchises also benefit from this reputation — and from our commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

At Visiting Angels, we provide extensive support for our franchisees to ensure they have the information, training, and resources they need to provide exceptional senior care within their community.

This support includes one-on-one sessions and ongoing guidance from our Operations Directors. We also hold annual conventions where we encourage our franchisers to communicate and collaborate for their shared success.

Additionally, franchisees benefit from national ad campaigns that continue to reinforce Visiting Angels as a leader in the home care industry. Our franchisees are also able to take advantage of local advertising options to promote their agency locally.

With protected territories and lower initial investment than many other franchise brands, Visiting Angles continues to be the preferred choice among entrepreneurs who wish to gain a foothold in the senior care industry.

If you are looking for a franchise to buy in a continually expanding industry, contact Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 to inquire about our senior care franchise opportunities. You can also request more information online.