Purchase a Senior Care Business in Keene, NH
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Purchase a Senior Care Business in Keene, NH

Town of Keene NHIf you’re thinking about starting a senior care business in Keene, NH, a Visiting Angels franchise could be the perfect fit.

In a recent review of our available territories, Visiting Angels identified Keene, NH as one of the best communities for a starting a senior care business. Keene boasts the demographics to support a new senior care business, with a wide-open market for home care services.

What’s more, Keene is a great fit for a Visiting Angels franchise. Our care model is an ideal fit for smaller cities like Keene, and our unique approach to protected territories will give you access to surrounding communities in Cheshire County.

Why Start a Senior Care Business in Keene, NH?

Over the past five years, the Baby Boomer generation has given rise to booming demand for senior care services. Some communities, however, remain underserved in this area, despite favorable conditions for senior care businesses.

In Keene, NH, conditions are favorable for senior care providers. Roughly 16% of the local population is above the age of 65, while nearly 20% of residents will reach retirement age over the next decade and a half. Economic conditions are likewise in favor of in-home senior care. More than a third of the city’s residents earn $75,000 per year and more than a fifth earn over $100,000 per year.

Despite these favorable conditions, Keene’s market for home care services is somewhat underdeveloped. Home care services in Keene, NH, are largely available through smaller agencies and independent providers, and the region lacks a large agency from an established national brand. By launching a senior care business with a brand like Visiting Angels, you could seize a neglected segment of the local senior care market.

Why Choose Visiting Angels for Your Senior Care Business?

Visiting Angels offers a number of features and benefits that make our franchise opportunity ideal for Keene, NH.

In addition to name recognition, we also offer a unique policy on protected territories. By opening a Visiting Angels franchise in Keene, you’ll enjoy a protected territory of 100,000 people, giving you access to other communities within the Keene micropolitan area. You’ll also have the freedom to serve clients in adjacent communities outside of your territory, so long as they aren’t part of another franchisee’s territory.

Here are a few more reasons why Visiting Angels is the perfect fit for launching a senior care business in Keene, NH:

  • Affordable upfront costs and low ongoing franchise fees
  • National advertising campaigns include print, radio, internet, and TV advertising
  • Access to customizable materials for local marketing
  • Yearly franchisee conferences attended by hundreds of Visiting Angels owners
  • Unlimited phone and email support from regional directors
  • Average annual revenue of more than $1 million
  • Average profit margin of between 35% and 40%

Learn more about the Visiting Angels franchise opportunity find out how you can start a senior care business in Keene, NH, by calling 800-365-4189 or submitting an online information request.