Visiting Angels Veteran Franchise Opportunities
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Visiting Angels Veteran Franchise Opportunities

Transitioning back to civilian life is a challenge only veterans can truly understand. So many questions need to be answered. One of the most fundamental is the question of what to do with the knowledge and experience they have. Many veterans turn to franchising, and Visiting Angels® is proud to be a top choice for veteran franchise opportunities.

The in-home care industry is an excellent option for vets who want to continue having an impact on their communities. As home care franchise owners, veterans are also in a unique position to provide support and understanding to other veterans who are in need of care at home.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities that Have Meaning

Having the chance to support other veterans offers a foundation for a purpose-driven life. In the words of Will Bruck, an Army veteran turned Visiting Angels business owner, “Being a veteran, I noticed almost every single person being taken care of by our company was a veteran or married to a veteran. My passion is veterans, taking care of veterans…This has allowed me to use my experience as a vet and compassion as a vet to help others in a way that someone else can’t.”

We know it takes a special type of person to take care of other people. Veterans, however, have the unique insight to help other veterans. Understanding where someone has been enables you to genuinely help them get where they need to go. Your contribution to their care is life-changing for you and for those you help.

Affordable Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Another reason a Visiting Angels franchise is an excellent fit for veterans is the price point of the initial buy-in. According to Will, the Visiting Angels franchise model fit what he was looking for in a veteran franchise opportunity. “The model of VA was a very low initial cost for a very high-value franchise. If you’re successful, you can live off one franchise, whereas most models of franchising you need to own multiple franchises to be successful.”

For a veteran transitioning to the next phase of life, potentially with limited finances, this also makes a strong case for Visiting Angels being the best veteran franchise opportunity. Further, when one franchise can comfortably support your lifestyle, you can enjoy the simplicity of owning just one location. This allows you to focus your efforts, establish your presence, and make yourself known as the go-to resource in your community.

Additionally, because of your training and hard-won skill sets, business ownership is a natural fit for veterans. No matter your branch of the armed services, as a veteran, you have the work ethic and understanding that the big picture is comprised of the smallest details. That sensibility is central to authentic caregiving.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities by the Numbers

According to Franchise Business Review (FBR), one in eight franchises in America is owned by a veteran. “Veterans are a great fit for franchise ownership because of their strong operational experience, leadership skills, and discipline.”

As far as the most profitable franchise sectors for veterans, senior services is in the top four while Visiting Angels leads the league based on FBR’s independent surveys of franchisees.

The Small Business Association states:

  • There are 2.5 million U.S. businesses that are owned by veterans, making up about 9 percent of all businesses in the U.S.
  • These 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses employ 5.8 million employees and pay more than $210 billion in payroll.

When you combine the natural ability of a veteran to provide these kinds of services, with the affordability and the precedent set by veteran-owned businesses, owning a Visiting Angels franchise is an excellent opportunity to support your fellow soldiers.

Veteran care requires the kind of loyalty that veterans possess. Only you know what it’s like. Only you can appreciate what your fellow soldiers have experienced. Only you can help. If you are seeking veteran franchise opportunities, consider Visiting Angels. We thank you for your service.

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