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Visiting Angels Franchise Opportunities Provide Ways to Serve Your Community

Visiting Angels Franchise OpportunitiesMost of us have seen what it is like to watch one of our loved ones grow into old age and begin to suffer from chronic illness or other loss of normal faculties. Some of us have cared for such loved ones by hosting them in our own homes. We know the impact of providing in-home care to someone in this kind of need and how crucial a helping hand can be to relieve their fears, stress, pain, and frustration. Owning a Visiting Angels franchise provides opportunities for willing specialists to serve our communities as the providers of this vital need. When you take advantage of Visiting Angels franchise opportunities, you will be helping seniors by providing professional assistance that makes aging in place possible.

Serve Your Community While Experiencing The Joys of Being a Business Owner

Visiting Angels franchise opportunities have provided hundreds of entrepreneurs across the country the opportunity to serve their community while experiencing the joys of being a business owner. In a testimonial, Lydia Roos, owner of the Visiting Angels location in Tucson, Arizona, states that she “feel(s) blessed” to be a part of the Visiting Angels family. She noted that she receives “tons of support” from Visiting Angels, emphasizing how easy it is to use the company’s system, and how much her franchise has grown in only two years’ time. She already has 50 clients and 64 caregivers on staff. This reflects the incredible experience and infinite prospect of growth for all franchise owners to provide support, love, and care to our seniors every day.

Help Balance Life for Aging Loved Ones

Megan Cutter, a recipient of the help of Visiting Angels in Raleigh, North Carolina, states that “before Visiting Angels, life was very stressful.” She goes on to express how she was “frustrated and overwhelmed” when trying to balance her husband’s care with other daily tasks. She explains what it was like to care for her husband Barton on her own, how difficult it was, and how it changed their relationship in a negative fashion. Barton explains that it was because they “were no longer acting like husband and wife.” The couple goes on to express hearty and sincere gratitude for the helpful staff from Visiting Angels. She explained that “having the support of Visiting Angels has helped to restore much of that balance” in their personal relationship. Simply because of a single home care provider, Megan can complete her morning writing, Barton gets the support he needs, and the two of them can live together in peace again as a healthy, strong married couple.

The Opportunities and Rewards are Limitless

The opportunities and rewards available through owning a Visiting Angels franchise are limitless. By serving folks like Barton and Megan, a hole in the local community is filled. With so many baby boomers reaching retirement age every day, many of whom suffer from various illnesses and disabilities, the need for support from willing and able specialists is growing and will only continue to grow. When you choose franchise opportunities from Visiting Angels, you combined with the freedom and independence of being a franchise owner and running your own business with the personal gratification of knowing you are helping those in need.

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