What Makes Visiting Angels a Best Franchise to Own?
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What Makes Visiting Angels a Best Franchise to Own?

When shopping online, we read reviews about products we’re interested in buying. It’s beneficial to hear the opinions from previous purchasers to obtain insight about quality, reliability, and other features. 

When you’re looking for the best franchise to own, you also want to hear from current franchisees about what the company is really like, what kind of support is available, the caliber of the leadership team, and if the culture suits your needs. At Visiting Angels®, our franchisees are giving us rave reviews!

The Best Franchise to Own in the Senior Care Sector

Starting a business is one of life’s bigger investments, in both time and money. As the most sought-after home care franchise in the nation, we know why franchise opportunities with Visiting Angels are special. We help thousands and thousands of families every day, giving them peace of mind by allowing their loved ones to live more safely in their own homes.

What Are Our Franchisees Saying?

These franchisees wanted to purchase a business with the finest name recognition. They joined Visiting Angels and never looked back. When you become part of an organization synonymous with the best home care in the country, that reputation will go to work for you.

Here’s what some of our franchisees have said about why they chose to become a part of our family.

  • “Visiting Angels gives you this wonderful roadmap and all the tools and more that you could ever need to launch, so you never feel lost.” - Greg E.

  • “We vetted literally 16 different franchisors...to determine which one would meet our needs the best, and it was clearly Visiting Angels.” - Scott H.

  • “I have no doubt in my own mind that we have been far more successful as part of Visiting Angels than we ever would have been on our own.” - Barney F.

What Makes Us One of the Best?

There are many components that factor into making Visiting Angels the best franchise to own. Besides being an incredibly rewarding position and career path, we continue to gain in popularity because we are as committed to our franchisees as we are to the families in our care.

As a franchisee you will be incredibly impressed by our:

  • Support

  • Marketing

  • Robust Training


Support is historically a pain point for franchisees regardless of industry. In general, franchisees often report feeling ignored by their franchisor. A common complaint is they do not feel heard and often feel they are lacking the tools and assistance they need to enable their business to thrive.

However, according to Visiting Angels' franchisees, “Corporate listens to the franchisees. It’s the most open conversation, and they act on what it is we ask for." Debbie H.

Besides always being there to answer questions, our corporate team also conducts frequent one-on-one meetings with our franchisees. While these are especially helpful for new franchisees, they are a valuable resource for our established owners as well.

At Visiting Angels, we also provide opportunities for our franchisees to collaborate with one another. In fact, it is strongly encouraged and has created a strong network of people with common goals who help each other. 

From weekly updates to the annual franchisee retreats, Visiting Angels offers a steadfast commitment to being the best franchise to own and supporting our franchisees at all times.


The promotion of the Visiting Angels franchise fires on all platforms. From digital media to news outlets to radio and periodicals, we are constantly communicating to potential customers both nationally and locally.

Franchisees also benefit from marketing programs that focus on their communities and target demographics to drive their audience to their local office. A consistent stream of information is fed by the company to the families that need to hear our message.


Another reason why Visiting Angels is considered one of the best franchises to own is because our franchisees are set up for success – from day one. Our training sessions for new owners are designed to be comprehensive and cover a wide and exhaustive range of topics important to new franchisees.

One of our franchisees, Sherry M., said, "When we went out to Philadelphia for that first week of training, we just saw how through and through it’s just quality. And the staff at corporate is just so five-star." 

After the initial training session, our operations directors are always available to provide all manner of guidance or assistance. Some of the most common ways we communicate and support franchisees include scheduled face-to-face meetings, conferences, and weekly broadcasts full of useful information. 

This strong support system offers the consistency that every franchisee can expect to further their success long-term.

If you are looking for the best franchise to own, then you’ve found it. Join us. Be a contributing member to our vast community of families and other business owners who have realized their dreams.

Learn more about Visiting Angels’ franchise opportunities by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.