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Home Care Franchises Help Solve the Aging in Place Problem

Elderly adults’ preference for aging in place has been widely documented. However, seniors often face obstacles that make living at home as they grow older quite difficult. This leads many to consider a move away from home into an assisted living facility, which can come with a loss of independence. Fortunately, the growth of the home care franchise industry is helping ensure seniors have access to the care they need to continue living at home on their own terms. 

Do you want to contribute to enriching seniors’ quality of life by helping them live at home even when they are facing difficult circumstances? There are a number of home care franchise opportunities available that enable you to invest in your community by giving some of its most vulnerable members support they can rely on throughout their golden years. 

At Visiting Angels®, we are proud to offer a solution to the aging in place problem. When you join our franchise, you can embrace a business opportunity that solves a real-world problem and leads to an experience of business ownership that is both profitable and rewarding.

Understanding the Obstacles to Aging in Place

Several factors make it difficult for seniors to live independently as they grow older. As people age, they often encounter predictable challenges from physical decline, which can limit their mobility, strength, and coordination, as well as cognitive decline, which can lead to issues with memory and perception. The combination of these factors can make everyday activities unsafe. In turn, the declining favorite activities can contribute to the deterioration of seniors’ mental and physical condition.

However, the inability to care for themselves is not the only challenge that awaits elderly adults as they age in place. It is also common for older individuals to experience the effects of a shrinking social circle, which can make them feel isolated and alone. Independent living should not be equated with isolation, yet for many seniors the two often go hand in hand. This has led to a phenomenon known as senior isolation, which can have resoundingly negative effects on the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of elderly adults, making it a significant obstacle to successfully aging in place. 

How Home Care Franchises Make Aging in Place Possible

At Visiting Angels, our home care franchise has been built on the belief that seniors deserve to be able to age in place while receiving support that tends to all of their age-related needs. We have developed a broad range of service offerings that target the many different obstacles older individuals encounter while living independently. These include:

  • Personal care services, such as helping seniors bathe, groom, get dressed, and complete basic activities in the home.
  • Companion care services that uplift seniors’ spirits through social interaction and help lower the potential for senior isolation.
  • Memory care services designed to assist elderly adults with staying in familiar surroundings as they cope with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or a form of dementia.
  • Respite care services that give family caregivers time off and peace of mind that their loved one’s needs are being met in their absence.

While many home care franchises focus solely on the physical needs of care recipients, such as help with walking and mobility, we go beyond these basic needs to consider how we can improve seniors’ well-being as a whole. We pave the way for seniors to be matched with compassionate caregivers who can not only assist them with basic activities of daily living, but can also provide the companionship and emotional support they need to live more fully in their golden years.

Our approach to home care is based on the creation of genuine relationships with elderly adults, ensuring their needs and preferences are listened to and accommodated during every step of the care process. This philosophy of care has enabled our home care franchise to make aging in place a safer, more comfortable, and more rewarding experience for seniors nationwide. When you become a Visiting Angels franchisee, you can help solve a common problem in your local community and provide families in need with the aging in place solution they’re looking for.

Help seniors in your local area fulfill their dream of aging in place. For details about purchasing a home care franchise, call Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 or request more information online.