Franchises to Buy that Make a Difference
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Franchises to Buy that Make a Difference

Buying a franchise gives you the chance to follow your ambitions as a small business owner. But it also gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in your community. Today, the market of franchises to buy includes a wealth of options for socially conscious entrepreneurs, offering the chance to build a business while also building a stronger world.

Franchises to Buy If You Want to Make a Difference

Franchises that Make a Difference via Philanthropy

If you’re a small business owner who wants to make a difference, the most obvious way to do that is through philanthropy. You can use your business as a platform to advocate for or donate funds toward important causes. And as an entrepreneur, your success will come with the financial independence to support initiatives near and dear to you.

Owning a franchise can make philanthropic efforts even easier for small business owners — provided you find the right franchise brand. A number of franchisors emphasize philanthropy on the corporate level. They also encourage philanthropy at the location level, with suggestions for charitable campaigns and connections to prominent non-profit organizations.

As you research franchises to buy, you can focus on brands that share your commitment to effecting positive change. By joining one of these brands, you’ll have more opportunities to give back, along with resources that make philanthropy easier to manage.

Looking for a brand that values philanthropy? Here’s what to look for in franchises to buy:

  • History of brand advocacy on important issues and campaigns

  • Existing philanthropic efforts and partnerships at the corporate level

  • Strong track record of philanthropy on behalf of individual locations

Franchises that Make a Difference via Business

As a business owner, charitable works and donations represent one way to make a difference. But if you start a business that in and of itself makes the world a better place, you can generate positive change day in and day out.

Another way of thinking about this is how meaningful you consider your work. When you compare different franchises to buy, ask yourself: Will I wake up each morning with a sense of greater purpose? And will I finish each day feeling like I’ve made a net-positive impact?

These are questions that many Visiting Angels owners asked themselves when comparing different franchises to buy. All of our franchisees started their search looking for the chance to start a successful and profitable business. But more than that, they wanted the chance to pursue business ownership while helping those in need. That led them to the home care industry — an industry focused on better quality of life for individuals coping with age or disability.

Here are a few types of franchises to buy if you’re focused on operating a purpose-driven business:

  • A franchise that directly provides for those in need, such as a home care franchise.

  • A franchise that offers mentoring or training to those in need.

  • A franchise that works with charities and nonprofits.

To be sure, not every entrepreneur is concerned with starting a meaningful business. But for others, starting a business represents a chance to leave a positive legacy. If you feel compelled to leave the world a better place than you found it, there are few better ways to make that happen than socially conscious entrepreneurship.

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