Services Offered by a Visiting Angels Franchise: Ready, Set, Go Home Transitional Care
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Services Offered by a Visiting Angels Franchise: Ready, Set, Go Home Transitional Care

Home care is an attractive field for today’s entrepreneurs. Not only is this a profitable field with ample room to grow, but it’s also deeply meaningful work that can benefit the whole community. A Visiting Angels® franchise, in particular, is one of the most promising home care opportunities for aspiring business owners.

Franchising is an appealing option in home care because it allows new business owners to benefit from all the years that have gone into building consumer trust in a brand. Visiting Angels, for example, is among the most widely respected home care providers nationwide.

What sets the Visiting Angels franchise brand apart from other home care franchise brands? In this series, we’ll be covering the many services you can offer as a franchise owner and how they can appeal to potential clients.

A Transitional Care Program Exclusively at Visiting Angels Franchises

Visiting Angels has built its name on providing personalized home care services that address the unique challenges faced by seniors and their families. As well as addressing each client’s current needs, we’re known for taking a proactive approach to common age-based issues and risks.

Our Ready, Set, Go Home transitional care program addresses a widespread concern among seniors and their loved ones: hospital readmission rates. In the U.S., approximately 20% of Medicare recipients who are hospitalized are readmitted within a month of returning home.

Hospitalization is already a stressful prospect for older adults and their families. Recovery complications and hospital readmission only compound this stress and put seniors at risk for further decline.

The Ready, Set, Go Home program includes the following services:

  • A convenient discharge guide that includes key questions to ask medical staff with space to write down any notes and instructions.
  • In-hospital visits from a care professional to establish a discharge plan, consult with the client’s healthcare provider, and promote peace of mind.
  • Personalized home care based on each client’s condition, discharge instructions, and comfort to help facilitate a healthy recovery

After a client leaves the hospital, a care professional can provide vital support including:

  • Reducing risk of injury through walking assistance, bathing assistance, and help with other routine tasks so clients don’t neglect their needs or push themselves too hard
  • Helping clients stay on track with their medications, follow-up appointments, and other instructions from their medical provider
  • Observing and addressing any potential warning signs before they develop into serious complications

The Impact A Home Care Franchise can Have on Your Community

Across the country, families are striving to do right by their elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, many feel as though they may buckle under the pressure of caregiving, working, and raising their own families at the same time. For these families, finding a home care provider they trust completely can be life-changing.

When you buy a Visiting Angels franchise, you’ll be in a unique position to support local families at their most overwhelmed and vulnerable. Our transitional home care program is just one of many ways that you can provide real relief for your clients and become an integral part of their care team.

As we continue this series, we’ll explore respite care, fall prevention, palliative care, and other home care services that can substantially improve the lives of clients and their families.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about owning a Visiting Angels franchise, call 800-365-4189 today to speak to a representative or request more information online.