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Unique Programs with Our Home Care Franchise: Certified Palliative Care

The market for senior care is growing bigger every day. For home care franchise owners, it’s vital to stay competitive while offering thoughtful, responsive care. New franchisees of Visiting Angels® often tell us that they love taking advantage of our extensive expertise. With decades of experience in the field, we can be responsive to the latest developments and trends in senior care. We do this through a customized suite of programs called Life Care Navigation™, proactively addressing specific elements of senior living and care.

Take our Certified Palliative Care program. This program helps home care franchises to use a holistic approach, based on the traditional concept of palliative care. Similar to hospice care, palliative care focuses on bringing comfort, dignity, and quality of life to clients. Unlike hospice care, however, our Certified Palliative Care is offered to clients regardless of life expectancy. This expansive, caring approach is highly sought-after by clients and their families. It can help your home care franchise thrive by building strong relationships with clientele, giving caregivers new strategies for senior care, and by helping you reach seniors with specialized social needs.

Why Seniors Need Comprehensive Non-Medical Care

Over the past decade, new research shows us that seniors are increasingly facing an “epidemic of loneliness.” As their social circles dwindle, and age-related illnesses take their toll, seniors have less opportunity to have their social, emotional, and spiritual needs met. Additionally, the high rates of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other degenerative diseases cause symptoms of clinical depression, anxiety, and high stress.

These concerns add up. Unfortunately, loneliness can affect mental health, cardiovascular health, and can contribute to a shorter lifespan. Studies show that loneliness in seniors can result in a 45% increased risk of death, as well as mental and physical decline. At Visiting Angels, we strongly believe that it’s our duty to try to combat this. Our Certified Palliative Care program sets Visiting Angels apart from other home care franchise opportunities by offering a uniquely holistic approach to senior care.

Our Home Care Franchise’s Holistic Approach to Care

What does a more holistic home care franchise look like? Our Certified Palliative Care program offers a four-pronged approach:

  • Addressing physical needs. Visiting Angels caregivers can offer a comprehensive range of non-medical care to help address the changing physical needs of your clients.
  • Addressing emotional needs. Many seniors deal with anxiety, stress, depression, or loneliness. With patient and compassionate caregivers, you can help your clients feel supported in these moments.
  • Addressing social needs. Caregivers can help seniors connect with family members, friends, and other loved ones. Additionally, they can offer thoughtful conversation and considerate companionship.
  • Addressing spiritual needs. Living with comfort, dignity, and hope can make an enormous improvement in a senior’s quality of life. Trained caregivers can assist seniors in finding relief from daily trials and ailments.

With the Certified Palliative Care program, you can train caregivers in more holistic, supportive strategies. Visiting Angels makes it easy for home care franchise owners to certify your caregivers, providing detailed training materials and resources. With a more dynamic approach to senior care, you can help your business reach more clients and their families.

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