What Services Does an In-Home Care Franchise Provide?
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What Services Does an In-Home Care Franchise Provide?

In-home care is an appealing field for many entrepreneurs thanks to the extensive potential it offers as well as the meaningful impact businesses in this sector can make. A Visiting Angels® in-home care franchise is an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make sure their businesses provide the full range of services seniors in their communities need to thrive at home.

Franchising is an especially attractive option in the area of senior care because it gives new business owners the chance to become part of a brand that is already trusted by families. For example, Visiting Angels is proud to have built a reputation for high-quality, comprehensive home care.

In addition to offering care delivered by compassionate and respectful caregivers, our locations also offer a broad spectrum of customizable programs. Families can have confidence their local Visiting Angels care team can assist their loved ones throughout the ups and downs of growing older.

Why In-Home Care Franchises Should Have Comprehensive Service Offerings

In-home care is incredibly personal. It must be customized to suit the preferences and care requirements of the care recipient. Because each person has a unique lifestyle, care concerns, and scheduling requirements, we have built our brand around offering personalized care.

As part of this personalized approach, we offer a variety of services. The result is that we can assist seniors through some of life’s most challenging circumstances. While our caregivers can start by offering a helping hand with daily activities, care can easily be tailored as a seniors’ needs grow over time.

By offering a comprehensive service list, we have been able to ensure Visiting Angels is an in-home care option families can trust over the long-term. As a result, we have helped create a stronger foundation for the success of our in-home care franchise locations.

Types of Services Our In-Home Care Franchises Provide

Our care philosophy is grounded in the view that aging in place is a journey. To reflect this philosophy, we have created Life Care Navigation™, an umbrella for our full range of senior home care programs. Life Care Navigation includes everything from basic assistance to round-the-clock support, and each senior’s care plan is built to include the specific services they require at any given time.

Below, you can gain a big-picture overview of the types of services our in-home care franchises offer.

  • Companion Care
    Companion care services are some of the most frequently requested services for many of our locations. This form of home care concentrates on providing help with day-to-day tasks and offering compassionate companionship. It is important to note that companion care does not usually include direct physical assistance, which is reserved for personal care.

  • Personal Care
    Personal care services provide crucial support for elderly adults who struggle with activities like bathing and dressing due to limited mobility or a chronic health condition.

  • Alzheimer’s Care
    Seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can receive high-quality care at home that addresses their unique symptoms and safety risks.

  • Dementia Care
    Our dementia care services can be tailored to accommodate the different concerns related to various forms of dementia and enable seniors to remain in familiar surroundings.

  • Palliative Care
    Through our palliative care services, we take a holistic approach to providing assistance that helps seniors feel their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are being tended to during difficult life chapters.

  • End of Life Care
    We strive to provide a support system for families whose loved ones are nearing the end of life. Our caregivers offer the comfort and physical assistance families need while reducing the burden of care so they can focus on spending time together.

  • Ready, Set, Go Home Transitional Care
    This program strives to reduce the risk of complications after a hospital discharge, so seniors can aim for a full recovery and avoid a hospital readmission.

  • Safe & Steady Fall Prevention
    Falls are a huge risk for seniors and can be detrimental to both their health and their lifestyle. We thus offer personal risk assessments and assistance focused on minimizing the chance of a fall in the home.

  • Social Care  
    Seniors can stay socially active despite mobility limitations when they learn the basics of new technologies that can keep them connected with their loved ones.

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