Elderly Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Paducah, KY
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Elderly Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Paducah, KY

Town of Paducah KYAre you thinking of purchasing an elderly home care franchise? Are you based in Paducah, KY, or familiar with the region? Are you a driven, hardworking individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a people-first mindset? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you could by the ideal fit for a Visiting Angels® elderly home care franchise in Paducah, KY.

In a recent review of Visiting Angels territories, we identified Paducah as one of the best available territories for a new elderly home care franchise. Based on the region’s demographics, it’s current home care market, and other factors, we believe that Paducah, KY, has excellent potential for a home care franchise. What’s more, we believe that a Visiting Angels franchise would be especially well-suited to the needs of Paducah’s seniors.

Why an Elderly Home Care Franchise in Paducah, KY?

There are a number of factors that make Paducah, KY ideal for a new elderly home care franchise. Three, in particular, stand out:


It’s well-documented that America’s population is aging at a historic pace. Some communities, however, are aging even faster than the rest of the country. In Paducah, seniors make up 17% of the population, two percentage points ahead of the US population. Even more important is the share of Paducah residents — 21% — who will turn 65 within the next 15 years. Together, these numbers represent a strong existing and future market for home care.

Existing options for home care

Despite a larger-than-typical share of seniors, the Paducah, KY market is currently underserved by elderly home care franchises. Local senior care options currently include independent home care providers and nursing homes, but no major home care agencies. This represents a significant opportunity for a new elderly home care franchise.

 Access to nearby communities

Paducah, KY, is also the center of the Paducah micropolitan area. An elderly home care franchise based in Paducah will make it easy to serve seniors in other parts of McCracken County, as well as Ballard and Livingston Counties. With Visiting Angels, your protected territory will cover surrounding communities in the Paducah micropolitan area, and you’ll also have the freedom to serve nearby communities in unprotected territories.

Why a Visiting Angels Elderly Home Care Franchise?

Visiting Angels is consistently named one of the top franchise brands in America and among the very best franchise opportunities in the elderly home care sector. Here are a few reasons why a Visiting Angels franchise would be an especially great fit for Paducah, KY:

  • Affordable initial investment and low ongoing fees.
  • National advertising presence via print, radio, internet, and TV.
  • Local marketing materials available to franchisees.
  • Extensive training for new franchise owners.
  • Unlimited support for franchisees from regional directors.
  • Yearly retreats attended by hundreds of Visiting Angels owners.
  • Average revenues of more than $1,000,000 with 35% to 40% profit margin.

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