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Offering End of Life Care with a Home Care Franchise

Nothing in life is more difficult or trying than the death of a loved one. Yet few families receive the level of support that they need when a parent or grandparent is reaching the end of life. This was the impetus behind our End of Life Care program, offered through Visiting Angels® home care franchise locations.

Our program was designed to provide both seniors and their families with skilled and compassionate non-medical care services during the end of life process. These services, which are distinct from palliative care and hospice care, can help seniors go through this process on their own terms.

Equally important is the support provided to families. At a time when spouses, children, grandchildren, and other family members often feel overwhelmed, caregivers can provide a helping hand and a reassuring presence.

Why Offer End of Life Care Through Your Home Care Franchise?

While many families could benefit from end of life assistance and support, most people have difficulty finding these services. There’s a simple but unfortunate reason why this is the case: End of life care isn’t as profitable as other forms of non-medical senior care. Because of this, few home care agencies are willing to invest in a proper end of life care program.

Despite the low return on investment directly associated, these services can have a positive indirect impact on your home care franchise. As a care agency, you want to show your community that you put seniors and their families first. By providing high-quality end of life care, you are demonstrating that you will go above and beyond to improve quality of life for elderly adults in your area. Families will know that they can rely on your agency, even in their most desperate moments. This can differentiate your home care franchise from other care providers in a key way.

There’s an even more important reason why you might want to provide end of life care services: to ensure that seniors and families get the support they need during a deeply difficult period.

At Visiting Angels, we’ve long maintained that to succeed as a home care franchise owner, you need to be in the business for the right reasons. If you don’t sincerely care about seniors and their families, that will be apparent in the way you run your business and in your manner with clients.

If, on the other hand, you purchased a home care franchise because you’re passionate about caring for others, your clients will see that reflected in your work. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that your clients receive high-quality care, particularly in moments of great need. That’s precisely what our End of Life Care program is designed to do.

Visiting Angels & Our End of Life Care Program

When we developed our End of Life Care program for Visiting Angels home care franchise owners, we had three specific goals. First and foremost, we wanted to improve quality of life for individuals who were nearing the end of life. Second, we wanted to provide their families with support and assistance throughout this difficult time. Finally, we wanted a program that worked seamlessly with our existing non-medical service model.

To accomplish these goals, we created a program that addresses the needs of seniors and their families, while keeping our services non-medical in nature:

  • We coordinate care with palliative care, hospice care, and medical care providers. This allows these providers to focus on their area of specialization, improving overall quality of care, while also ensuring a consistent approach.
  • We provide non-medical assistance to seniors at the end of their lives, focusing on their comfort and their quality of life in their remaining months, weeks, or days. In many cases, this involves aspects of personal care. In other cases, our caregivers provide a reassuring presence, helping to relieve feelings of anxiety, fear, and loneliness.
  • We assist family members throughout the end of life process, helping them avoid physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. During this period, caregivers often attend to housekeeping tasks, important errands, and some of the more demanding aspects of caregiving. This can make it easier for family members to care for their loved one. It may also give the more time to spend one-on-one in their loved one’s presence.

To help home care franchise owners implement this program, we provide a wealth of resources to Visiting Angels franchisees. As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you’ll have access to detailed program guides and training modules, as well as direct contact with members of our corporate staff to help you navigate the finer details.

We know how important these programs can be to local communities, and we know how important it is to implement them properly. As with any Visiting Angels program, we’re committed to providing our home care franchise owners with the materials, resources, and guidance they need to succeed.

Learn more about our End of Life Care program and get detailed information about our home care franchise opportunity by calling Visiting Angels at 800-365-4189 or requesting information online.