5 Challenges Faced by New Home Care Franchise Owners
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5 Challenges Faced by New Home Care Franchise Owners

Purchasing a home care franchise is an exciting opportunity — but it’s not without its challenges. First-time franchise owners face a whirlwind of obstacles and decisions early on. Your ability to hit the ground running will depend on your tenacity, your business acumen, and the support that you receive from your franchisor.

Wondering what kind of challenges you should expect when you start a home care franchise? Below, we’ve compiled five common problem areas for first-time franchisees in the home care industry. We’ve also pulled together a list of the different ways that the Visiting Angels® franchise system can help you address these challenges.

5 Common Obstacles for New Home Care Franchises

Franchisees in the home care industry must contend with a number of challenges in the early going. While the following list is not exhaustive, it covers five of the biggest problem areas for new franchise owners.

  1. State Licensing. Licensing can be a difficult issue for new home care franchise owners. Regulations vary widely from one state to the next, which means that home care franchisors can’t provide one-size-fits-all guidance for licensing. As a result, many franchisees are forced to take a DIY approach to licensing research and applications. This adds countless hours to an already imposing workload.
  2. Outside Vendors. Today’s home care providers use industry-specific software systems to handle everything from caregiver scheduling to client monitoring. They also rely on outside vendors to perform administrative services or as referrals for clients. Without guidance from your franchisor, it could take you months to find the right systems and vendors for your agency.
  3. Specialized Caregiving. If you want to branch out from companion care and personal care into specialized services, you’ll need to make significant investments in program planning and caregiver training. Many home care franchise systems lack adequate support in these areas, making it cost-prohibitive for franchisees to broaden their list of services.
  4. Industry Trends & Changes. As the owner and operator of a new home care franchise, you’ve got a lot on your plate at any given moment. Staying up-to-date on the state of the home care industry can be difficult. And even if you keep up with industry news, you’re only one person. There’s simply no way for you to track every change or predict every upcoming trend.
  5. Branding & Lead Generation. Whichever home care franchisor you choose, you should expect some level of marketing support. But the extent, quality, and cost of this support can vary greatly from one franchisor to the next. Unless you’re confident that you can build a reputation and a client base from scratch, this support could make or break your business.

5 Solutions from the Team at Visiting Angels

Now that we’ve examined some of the most common obstacles faced by home care franchise owners, let’s take a look at how the Visiting Angels franchise system addresses these challenges.

  1. Licensing Guidance. When you purchase a Visiting Angels franchise, you will be scheduled for an intensive 40-hour training program. This will include general guidelines on licensing. Following your training, you will receive extensive support from your regional director. Our regional directors are experienced with state licensing standards. As such, we can provide detailed guidance and assistance as you seek the necessary licensing for your agency.
  2. Recommended Vendors. Unsure which types of office software will work best for your agency? Having trouble finding the right vendors for your business? Visiting Angels makes this simple by providing franchisees with an extensive and detailed list of recommended vendors for back-office software, business supplies, human resources support, and outside referrals.
  3. Life Care Navigation™. At Visiting Angels, we know the value of specialized care for home care franchise owners and their clients alike. Our Life Care Navigation™ program provides franchise owners with turnkey programs and caregiver training modules. This gives our franchisees a cost-effective way to provide specialized home care services, while maintaining a high standard of care.
  4. Annual Franchisee Conferences. Every year, we bring Visiting Angels franchisees together for an annual conference. This conference includes seminars by industry experts, motivational speakers, and Visiting Angels franchise owners, helping you stay ahead of the curve as a home care franchise owner. We also provide online resources, training webinars, and regional workshops to further support our franchisees.
  5. National & Local Marketing. Visiting Angels boasts one of the most effective national marketing strategies of any home care brand. Our campaigns include print, radio, and internet advertising, plus TV ads on nationwide networks like Fox News, HGTV, and CNN. We operate a successful phone and internet lead generation system, and we provide franchisees with a wealth of customizable local marketing materials.

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