Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Lincoln, Nebraska
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Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Lincoln, NE? Visiting Angels is currently searching for entrepreneurs who have the skills, drive, and vision to build a successful home care agency in Lincoln, and who share the compassion that distinguishes the Visiting Angels model of care. Our franchise opportunity gives you the chance to purchase a senior care franchise in Lincoln and bring America’s Choice in Homecare to Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.

Why a Senior Care Franchise in Lincoln, NE?

senior care franchise opportunityAt Visiting Angels, we are constantly reviewing potential territories across the US for their market potential in the senior home care sector. We’ve identified the Lincoln metro area as an ideal opportunity for a Visiting Angels senior care franchise. Lincoln’s recent growth in population, its upcoming shift in demographics, and its high median income among family households are strong indicators of a high-potential home care market.

According to the US Census Bureau, Lincoln’s population grew from 258,379 to 280,364 residents in between the years of 2010 and 2016. That’s an 8.5% increase in population, nearly twice the increase of 4.5% that the nation experienced over the same period. Its median family household income of $74,536 is also well above the national average of $68,260. Both are strong indicators of a community where a care agency can thrive.

More important, census data also tells us that Lincoln’s population is nearing a tipping point. In the 2010 Census, seniors made up 10.8% of the city’s population, well below the US average of 13.0% at that time. Meanwhile, 17.5% of residents were between the ages of 50 and 64, with the vast majority of those residents falling below the age of 60.

This glut of younger Baby Boomers has delayed the growth of Lincoln’s home care sector. But now that this group is just starting to hit retirement age, Lincoln’s home care market is expected to rapidly accelerate over the next ten to fifteen years. A Visiting Angels senior care franchise opportunity is uniquely positioned to capture this growth.

Why a Visiting Angels Franchise Opportunity?

What makes Visiting Angels the ideal senior care franchise opportunity for an entrepreneur in Lincoln?

  • Visiting Angels was recently name the #1 franchise opportunity in the senior care sector by the Franchise Business Review.
  • We offer the brand recognition, marketing materials, and blueprint you need to grow your franchise quickly and become competitive in the Lincoln market.
  • Our senior care franchise opportunity in Lincoln includes a large protected territory, plus the freedom to serve clients in any surrounding areas that remain unprotected.
  • We offer manageable upfront costs, low ongoing fees, and average yearly franchise revenues above $1 million.
  • Visiting Angels provides industry-leading training and corporate resources for its franchisees, including franchisee conferences, business builder workshops, and ongoing support.

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