Opening a Visiting Angels Senior Care Franchise: What to Expect
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Opening a Visiting Angels Senior Care Franchise: What to Expect

Before making the decision to open a senior care franchise, it is important to set your expectations both for your role as a business owner and the kinds of support you’ll receive from the franchisor. At Visiting Angels®, we are proud to be a nationwide leader in the industry of senior care franchising. 

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for our franchisees, thereby enabling them to make a real difference for families in their communities. We will partner with you to help set and meet your expectations for success as a business owner, ensuring you have ongoing assistance as you grow your business. 

Your Role as a Senior Care Franchise Owner

As the owner of a Visiting Angels home care business, you can follow your passion for helping others. You can also look forward to doing work that is rewarding and leaves you feeling fulfilled. Your main responsibilities will revolve around guiding local families as they get started with home care and putting all the pieces in place for seniors to have a positive experience of growing older at home.

Here's a quick look at the three groups of individuals you’ll be working with the most and how you will help them thrive in your role as a business owner:

  • Elderly adults
    The most obvious group you’ll be serving is the senior population in your local area. You will match seniors with professional caregivers and pave the way for a long-term relationship between the two that forms a solid foundation for care.

    Through the services your senior care agency provides, older individuals will have the freedom to live at home, even when conditions such as dementia or circumstances limiting their mobility become an issue.

  • Family caregivers
    Your senior care business will also serve the family members who are helping their loved ones age in place. By coordinating with these individuals to arrange professional care, you allow them to get a break from their overwhelming responsibilities and exhausting schedule.

  • Professional caregivers
    As a senior care franchise owner, you will also have the responsibility of hiring and managing a team of local caregivers. Your caregiving team will form the core of your business, making this an important task. It will be crucial for you to promote a positive and supportive work environment for these employees and empower them to deliver the highest quality care for your clients.

How Visiting Angels Will Support You 

You won’t be left to your own devices as you learn the ropes of your new role. You will always have support from our corporate office. The support we provide is multifaceted and ongoing to ensure our franchisees have all the resources they need to offer caregiving services of the highest caliber.

Below are some of the many ways you can expect us to support you as a franchisee:

  • Initial training
    You’ll undergo an initial training program designed to help you succeed starting on your first day of business. This in-depth program, which is led by our team of industry experts, makes it possible for you to have a solid foundation of knowledge before you open your doors. You’ll find the confidence needed to run a successful senior care franchise, even if you haven’t previously worked in this field.

  • One-on-one attention for your senior care franchise
    We know that every community has unique needs, and every new business owner a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. You can count on having an Operational Director working with you one-on-one to help you through any issues you encounter while running your home care business.

  • Customizable marketing materials
    Reaching potential clients is essential to growing your business. The Visiting Angels Resource Center provides access to branded materials for spreading the word about your home care agency.

  • Digital marketing support and national marketing campaigns
    Support with marketing goes well beyond the Resource Center to also include a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and national campaign that has been perfected to generate high-quality leads.

  • Networking opportunities and ongoing education
    We hold a National Conference on an annual basis where our franchisees can get to know each other while learning the latest best practices from industry experts. Additionally, we host Business Builder and regional workshop events at different times throughout the year to help keep our franchisees connected and up to date.

Learn more about what to expect from your experience as the owner of a Visiting Angels senior care franchise! Reach out to us for more information online, or call 800-365-4189 to speak with a member of our team about our range of opportunities.