Best Franchise to Buy? A Senior Care Franchise
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Best Franchise to Buy? A Senior Care Franchise

If you’re searching for the best franchise to buy, look no further than Visiting Angels®. These days, the demand for quality senior care is skyrocketing. As Baby Boomers enter their 60s and 70s, the need for in-home care options is keenly felt all across America. There’s never been a better time to start a senior care franchise.

For over two decades, Visiting Angels has catered to the needs of seniors across America. New franchisees are drawn to our low start-up costs, high brand visibility, and dedicated support to new business owners. Read on to learn more about why we are one of the best franchises to buy.

Our Aging Population

As life expectancy grows in the US, our senior population expands, too. By 2060, it’s anticipated that the number of seniors across America will double to 98 million. Most seniors will require increasing care and support as they age. Many seniors live alone and often deal with additional age-related illnesses. By 2050, it’s also expected that 14 million people will deal with Alzheimer’s—almost triple the current number.

It’s no surprise that seniors prize their independence. Given the option, many seniors favor in-home support instead of living in nursing facilities. Those who live in rural areas especially prefer to “age in place.” All of this adds up to a pressing need for senior care services—like Visiting Angels—across the country. It means, if you’re looking for the best franchise to buy, Visiting Angels might be the ideal fit for you.

Getting Started with Your Franchise

Start-up costs are always daunting when starting a franchise. Some popular food franchises require almost a million dollars! Fortunately, the low start-up costs for Visiting Angels makes it a strong, sensible investment for any ambitious business owner.

Senior health care is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Already, it’s valued at $300 billion, according to a 2017 Huffington Post article—making it one of the best franchises to buy. While the costs to start are low, the dividends can be significant.    

From the get-go, Visiting Angels will help you protect your investment. Our protected territories ensure your market will remain untouched by other Visiting Angels franchisees, helping your business to flourish. 

Visiting Angels: Voted Best Senior Care Franchise to Buy

When you look for the best franchise to buy, a top consideration is brand visibility. With Visiting Angels, franchisees enjoy the many benefits of our well-respected brand. Our robust ad campaigns get national visibility on TV, radio, in print, and in the digital sphere. Our sterling brand reputation should help you build relationships with clients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities in your community.

Visiting Angels has been voted Best Senior Care Franchise for three years – and as an investment, it might be the best franchise for you to buy. As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you’ll always have the support of the national brand and the franchisee community. With one-on-one help from our Operations Directors, you’ll get your business started with ease.

Our marketing campaigns allow us to generate thousands of client leads, which we share with our local offices. Annual conferences held by Visiting Angels will help you expand your business and find new opportunities for growth. Our thriving franchisee community shares tips, advice, and support year-round.

To find out if Visiting Angels is your best franchise to buy, request information online—or, give us a call at 800-365-4189 to learn more today.