Available Senior Care Franchise in Florida
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Available Senior Care Franchise in Florida

If you’re ready to work for yourself, finding an available senior care franchise presents a lucrative opportunity that is also incredibly rewarding. The key, though, is to choose the right franchise — and the right location.

The warmth and beauty of the aptly named Sunshine State have made Florida a go-to retirement destination for seniors from all over the country. What better place to look for an available senior care franchise?

Explore Our Available Senior Care Franchise Locations in Florida

We have several senior care franchise locations available in Florida, including one resale opportunity. These include:


Located in one of the southernmost areas lies the city of Homestead, which is home to 69,523 residents based on figures from the latest U.S. census. Located in Miami-Dade County, this populous Miami suburb has an elderly population of 7.9%.

The typical household is between three and four members, which is significantly higher than the state average of 2.65. Meanwhile, more than 32% of residents are 18 or younger. Based on these figures, there may be many intergenerational families that will need more support in the years to come.

With this available senior care franchise, your protected territory would include Homestead as well as Big Pine Key, Islamorada, Key Colony Beach, Key Largo, Key West, Long Key, Marathon, Summerland Key, and Tavernier.


Up north is the expansive city of Jacksonville, which has the largest population in the state at 911,507 residents. Per the latest census, seniors make up 13.4% of this vast pool, which means considerable opportunities for any senior care franchise. This location also serves the neighboring Callahan.

Lake City

West of Jacksonville and further inland is the scenic Lake City. It is currently home to 12,352 people per the last census. It also has a significant elderly population of 16.5%. That, combined with the sizable 27% of residents aged 18 and under, indicates many families may be juggling senior care and child-rearing.

With this available senior care franchise location, you will also have access to the markets in Branford, Fort White, Glen Saint Mary, High Springs, Jasper, Jennings, Lake Butler, Lee, Live Oak, Lulu, Mayo, McAlpin, Macclenny, O’ Brien, Sanderson, Wellborn, and White Springs.


Lakeland is located 50 miles east of Tampa, another of Florida’s largest cities. Lakeland has an estimated 112,136 residents. Seniors comprise of 22.2% of its population, which exceeds the state average of 20.9%

If you purchase this location, you’ll serve this vast elderly community, as well as seniors and their families in Auburndale, Eagle Lake, and Winter Haven.

St. George Island

For a complete change of pace, we have St. George Island, which is located in the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida panhandle. This small, stunning island has an area of fewer than 5 miles and a community of 835 people according to the latest American Community Survey. It’s also a haven for local seniors, who make up 43% of residents.

As the owner of this franchise, you can help seniors remain in this beloved community, while also serving senior throughout several more populous areas, including Apalachicola, Bristol, Carrabelle, Chattahoochee, Crawfordville, Eastpoint, Fountain, Hosford, Midway, Panacea, Panama City, Quincy, Tallahassee, and Youngstown, among many others.

Port St. Lucie

Lastly, we have an exciting resale opportunity in Port St. Lucie in southern Florida. The latest estimates put the population at 201,846 people, which is a 22.9% increase compared to 2010. Currently, about 20% of those who call Port St. Lucie home are aged 65 or older, presenting a clear market for senior care.

Since this is a resale opportunity, you’ll already have staff and an active client list as soon as you take ownership of the franchise. You’ll also be able to serve clients in neighboring Vero Beach and Fort Pierce.

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