Starting a Senior Care Business
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Starting a Senior Care Business with Visiting Angels

starting a senior care businessAre you looking for the best way to start a senior care business? As the leading senior care franchise in the US, Visiting Angels® understands first-hand why you may be drawn to this field as a potential business owner.

We know senior care businesses are in a prime position for growth over the coming decades. Thanks to the opportunities this industry provides, there’s no better time to purchase a senior care business if you have the benefit of support from an experienced franchisor.

But is a Visiting Angels franchise right for you? Read on to find out.

6 Steps to Becoming a Senior Care Business Owner

Visiting Angels has simplified the process of starting a senior care business while laying out a clear path to success for our franchisees. We offer entrepreneurs the training they need to thrive as business owners, even if they lack experience in the industry. We also provide continuous support for our franchisees and a time-tested business model that positions our franchise owners up for success.

Ready to learn more about the process of starting a senior care business with Visiting Angels? Here’s what you need to know about opening a franchise location with us.

Step1: An initial conversation with our team

Our most successful owners are caring entrepreneurs who want to leverage their resources and passion for helping others to make a difference for seniors in their community. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to get in touch with our franchising team to get the conversation started.

During initial discussions, we will cover the following topics:

We’ll also ask some questions to better understand your goals, priorities, and resources. This will help us determine whether you’re the right fit for the Visiting Angels brand and are prepared to make the commitment financially.

Step 2: Attending Discovery Day

Discovery Day offers a great opportunity for potential franchisees to get an up-close-and-personal look at what it’s like to own a Visiting Angels franchise. We go in-depth during this in-person meeting, answering questions about everything from our company culture to daily operations. Discovery Day meetings are held at our corporate headquarters offering you the opportunity to meet our team.

Step 3: Exploring available territories

As you determine whether our franchise is right for your personal and professional goals, you’ll want to explore the various territories we have available. Our protected territory system helps differentiate our franchise from others in the industry. These large protected territories offer freedom, flexibility, and opportunities for referrals.

Covering approximately 200,000 people, these expansive territories ensure our franchisees have a large market area in which to provide service without competing with other Visiting Angels owners. Additionally, our territory system allows franchisees to do business with clients outside of territorial limits without having to purchase additional territories.

Step 4: Choosing a location for your senior care business

Choosing where to open your business is a critical step. Most franchise owners choose a location in their own community or one nearby. However, we also welcome franchise owners who would like to relocate and open in a new community.

A significant part of the choice of location will also be tied to choosing between a new location or an existing location that is up for sale. With a new location, you’ll have a blank canvas with which to work. This will allow you to hire your team and set the tone for your office and how you plan to deliver care.

With a resale, you’ll have a head-start and an existing client base to support. You’ll have an established cash flow, team of office staff and caregivers, and other important infrastructural elements already in place. Purchasing an existing location also provides the added security of solid data regarding the performance of the business over the past few years.

Step 5: Reviewing and signing the franchise agreement

Signing the franchise agreement is one of the most important steps you’ll take in the process of opening a senior care business, as this agreement is contractually binding. The document outlines standards and practices. It also defines your rights and obligations as a franchisee. It’s therefore important to spend time reviewing it at length and to get the input and assistance of both legal and financial advisors.

Step 6: Participation in new franchisee training

After you sign the franchise agreement, you can begin the required training. This week-long training takes place at our corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania. It provides an intensive education in the ins and outs of running a successful Visiting Angels franchise.

You’ll receive instruction from industry experts in areas such as licensing, operations, and back office systems. This training program is designed for new franchisees with all levels of previous experience. You can count gaining a depth and breadth of new information even if you’re new to the field or to business ownership in general.

More About Our Senior Care Business Opportunities

One of the biggest draws of the franchise model is the fact that while you’ll own your own business, you won’t be in business alone. You’ll be able to draw on the support of our corporate office leadership as well as other franchise owners who have years of experience.

During the initial start up process, you’ll participate in training and be introduced to our operational support team. This initial support will be essential to getting your business up and running. It will include weekly meetings with a regional director starting just after you complete your training at our corporate offices.

Initial support will also help you navigate the state licensing requirements needed to open your location. We’ll help ensure your franchise adheres to all of the necessary regulations. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our in-depth marketing and advertising manual, which offers a detailed blueprint for setting up an effective marketing strategy based on our decades of experience.

Once your senior care business is open, the support you need will continue to be just a phone call away. Our regional directors maintain close relationships with franchisees and provide crucial resources as they grow their businesses. Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation or have a question about running your senior care franchise, you’ll know who to turn to for answers.

We also ensure our franchisees stay connected and up-to-date through our annual conferences and regional group support meetings. Furthermore, we are constantly working behind the scenes with our national advertising and branding campaigns. These campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness and also generate qualified leads for our franchisees. Our 24-hour call center responds to inquiries and funnels them to the local franchisee for assistance.

Learn More About Our Senior Care Business Opportunities

Starting a business is hard work, but with Visiting Angels you’ll have the assistance you need to succeed. Do you want to learn more about starting a senior care business with Visiting Angels? Reach out to us at 800-365-4189 today or contact us online for additional information.