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4 Ways Home Care Franchise Opportunities Build Local Communities

What is it about starting a business that appeals the most to you? Is it independence? Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Are you eager to do something that’s meaningful to you? Home care franchise opportunities can tick many of these boxes. They can also do a world of good for your community.

Visiting Angels® is one of the most widely recognized names in home care with hundreds of locations in North America today. Some may mistakenly believe that being part of a large brand means these franchises are somehow set apart from their communities.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth — especially in a field like home care.

How Home Care Franchise Opportunities Can Benefit a Community

Though part of a larger home care brand, Visiting Angels franchises are locally owned and operated. The work of running a home care franchise is deeply personal, with direct benefits for the clients and the community at large.

There a four meaningful ways in which home care franchise opportunities can contribute to the communities they serve:

  1. Creating more jobs
    This may be one of the most obvious benefits of opening a home care franchise in your community. Not only will you be hiring caregivers and other staff, but you’ll also be engaging with local businesses. As you manage your franchise, you may require local electricians, plumbers, cleaners, delivery personnel, health care providers, and other professional services. All of this contributes to growing your local economy and community

  2. Providing an essential service
    We often discuss the ever-growing need for affordable and flexible home care across the country, particularly among members of the Sandwich Generation. By offering this service, you can provide much-needed relief for friends and neighbors who are struggling to keep their families afloat. You’ll also be empowering older adults in the area to age in place.

  3. Paying back into the community
    Franchise owners invest directly in their communities by paying local taxes, which feed into schools, libraries, infrastructure, and other crucial services. Franchisees can also give back through charitable donations and by promoting local businesses through strategic partnerships.

  4. Establishing long-term relationships with clients
    As certain industries rise and fall and businesses fail to make ends meet, it’s commonplace for storefronts to change hands. This changeover can be disruptive and destabilizing for local economies, as well as local residents.

    Home care franchise opportunities, however, are more immune to this type of flux. This industry revolves around strong relationships that are built and maintained over time. Ideally, you’ll be serving clients for years at a time, engaging regularly with their families throughout your local area.

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