Senior Care Franchise 6 Considerations
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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Senior Care Franchise

Before buying a senior care franchise, there are a number of things you must consider to ensure you’re making the best choice for your future. At Visiting Angels®, we know how important it is for potential business owners to have all the information they need at their fingertips during the decision-making process.

We’ve compiled a list of key areas entrepreneurs should focus on when deciding on the right senior care franchise for their business ambitions.

1. The Franchise Agreement

It’s crucial to understand the terms of any agreement before signing on the dotted line. However, this is especially the case when entering into an agreement with a franchisor.

It’s not uncommon for new entrepreneurs to find the terms surrounding franchising and the franchisor-franchisee relationship a bit confusing. Doing a deep dive into research on the specifics of the franchise agreement, including associated franchise fees, will enable you to take the next steps with peace of mind.

2. The Benefits of Owning a Senior Care Franchise

Once you’ve done your due diligence on the franchise agreement, you’ll find a number of benefits to becoming a franchisee with a trusted franchise brand. When you purchase a senior care franchise, you’re not just buying the name. You’re actually investing in a proven business model and gaining the benefit of ongoing support. While you’ll be going into business for yourself, you won’t have to feel like you’re stuck doing it all by yourself.

3. The Training and Support Involved

Choose a franchise company that is committed to getting you up to speed on all you need to know to properly run your business and, most importantly, deliver the high-quality senior care local families need. For example, as a franchisee with Visiting Angels, you’ll have the advantage of both an initial training class and ongoing guidance through weekly updates, monthly webinars, and regional meetings throughout the year.

4. The Licensing Required

All states have licensing requirements for senior care agencies, and those requirements vary - sometimes dramatically. Visiting Angels provides computerized Policy & Procedure files for franchisees that can be used as part of licensing applications in many states.

You can count on us to help guide you through the process of getting your business licensed and ensuring it is compliant with local regulations. With the necessary licensing, your senior care franchise will be seen as credible and reliable, opening the door to important referrals.

5. The Types of Services Offered By the In-Home Care Franchise

Many home care companies focus on a certain spectrum of care types, such as companion care, personal care, or dementia care. However, Visiting Angels chooses to offer a broad range of services, so seniors can always access the care they need when unexpected life changes arise.

Our senior care franchises provide tailored services ranging from specialized at-home memory care to fall prevention services, respite care, and post-hospital transitional care. This lays the foundation for our franchisees to build relationships with families throughout each care recipient’s journey of aging in place.

6. How You Will Grow Your Business

You should be able to look to the franchisor for help with growing your business. While the senior care industry isn’t only about the bottom line, it is important to have a sharp business mentality to run a successful operation.

Since Visiting Angels will help spread the word about your business through extensive marketing campaigns, you can look forward to building a significant customer base. In addition, we generate leads for our franchisees through our national call center, which processes incoming calls around the clock for members of our franchise network.

After considering the above points, you may be ready to learn more about purchasing a senior care franchise. We encourage you to get in touch with our team at Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189, or request additional information online.