Available Senior Care Franchise Locations with Visiting Angels
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Available Senior Care Franchise Locations with Visiting Angels

If you’re looking for available senior care franchise locations, you may have noticed a limited number of new territories to choose from as this industry has rapidly expanded over the past few years. The tightening market has led some buyers to believe they must decide between their preferred territory and the franchise brand they ultimately want to partner with.

However, when you consider purchasing a resale franchise, your options open up significantly. Buying a resale not only makes it possible for you to work in your preferred area, but also ensures you’re able to partner with a brand who’s going to support you through thick and thin.

Understanding the Benefits of Resale Franchises

In addition to attaining your territory and brand preferences, there are a number of advantages that come with purchasing a resale franchise. Here are a few to consider:

  • Time and energy saved in building your business.
    There’s no need to build your franchise from the ground up with a resale. Taking on an existing franchise gives you the chance to enjoy all the benefits of an up-and-running business. You’ll have a leg up in several areas, from staffing and clients to market data and office infrastructure. Rather than having to put time and energy into the development of these key aspects of business operations, you’ll have a jump start by working with a proven business model.

  • Access to markets in a competitive field.
    As senior care has experienced some of the fastest growth among all franchise sectors over the past decade, access to lucrative markets is shrinking quickly. With a resale franchise, you’ll gain a protected territory where you may have otherwise faced stiff competition.

  • Bargain opportunities.
    While purchasing an existing and successful franchise location is usually considered a “safe bet,” many franchises struggle because their potential is overlooked. Having an eye for noticing when a franchise location is underperforming and how you could improve it can lead to major dividends. If you have the ability to know when a location could benefit significantly from restructuring or a change in management, you might be able to purchase low and end up with big returns.

About Our Available Senior Care Franchises for Resale

Visiting Angels has several exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a resale franchise. These franchises are located in communities with ample potential for a thriving senior care business.

Here’s a quick look at some of the locations currently available for resale through our nationally recognized brand:

Orem, Utah

With the city-wide slogan of “Family City USA,” this community is an excellent location for a senior care franchise built on compassion, respect, and care for both seniors and family caregivers. As 8% of its estimated 98,000 residents are in the senior age group and 20% of those seniors live alone, it’s clear there’s a market for high-quality at-home senior care services in this area.

Owatonna, Minnesota

While Owatonna is a relatively small city, at just under 26,000 inhabitants, plenty of seniors reside in this calm community in southern Minnesota. A total of 14% of the city’s population is aged 65 or over, and 33% of those individuals live on their own. A compassionate senior care provider can help ensure these elderly adults can continue aging in place for as long as possible.

Largo, Florida

Largo is the fourth largest city in the Tampa Bay area, with a population of 77,648 registered in the 2010 Census. The area’s warm and sunny climate is a major pull factor for those who want to spend their retirement in comfort. It was even ranked #10 by ChamberofCommerce.org as one of the best places in the country to retire. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that over a quarter of Largo’s population are senior citizens. Of these seniors, approximately 34% live alone.

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