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Grow Your Home Care Franchise Through Strategic Local Partnerships

One of the most effective ways to grow your home care franchise is by making strategic local partnerships with organizations and individuals in the community whose aims parallel those of your business. Choosing to establish connections with entities that have a strong reputation in the community can both help bolster your brand image and ensure you’re able to reach the people who could benefit most from your services.

Whether you build relationships with hospitals, doctors, rehab centers, or physical therapists, you’ll find these local partnerships can play an important role in the success of your home care agency.

Home Care Franchises Can Benefit From Strategic Marketing

Before exploring your options for networking in the local area, take a close look at what a strategic partnership entails. In the context of marketing for a home care franchise, this type of partnership often takes the form of a collaboration between the agency and another organization or individual that helps them achieve symmetric goals. While these goals can be different for each party, they should be based on the same values and oriented towards the local community.

Below, you can find just a few of the ways that strategic local partnerships can benefit your home care franchise.

Partnerships Help Build Credibility

Strategic partnerships aren’t only important for helping you achieve your goals as an organization. They can also help you establish a positive reputation in the local community. When your job revolves around taking care of others, credibility is essential. Even small home care companies can gain legitimacy when they build partnerships with more well-known individuals or organizations that have years of experience serving the local community.

A strategic partnership can also go a long way in growing your credibility online. When partnering with another company, be sure to ask permission to use their logos in your marketing campaigns. That way, you can reference your partnership through your digital marketing campaigns and social media posts. This will help build your brand recognition and enable you to create positive associations as you get your business off the ground.

Partnerships Promote the Betterment of the Community

While there are many business incentives for building partnerships, these relationships can also be leveraged to help you engender goodwill in the local community. For example, partnering with a charity focused on dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or having referral sources with healthcare professionals can be seen as collaborative efforts made in service to the community.

Achieving positive, value-driven relationships with the local health care community can make a huge difference in the success of your home care agency. Case managers at hospitals, physicians, and social workers often refer families to companies they are familiar with, and families trust these recommendations. While collaborations and charity efforts should always be done with the intention of bettering the local community, they definitely offer a win-win situation for businesses such as home care agencies.

Partnerships Can Help You Magnify Your Influence

As a local home care franchise, you may feel your influence is anything but far-reaching. A local strategic partnership can help extend your influence and your ability to make a positive impact. Making the right connections in your community can help you gain access to a range of marketing resources and expertise.

For example, home care agencies with modest marketing operations may find that their partners are willing and ready to assist with distributing co-branded marketing materials at hospitals and related facilities. Larger partners can make a huge impact on your reach by referring to your business on their own websites and social media profiles. Even word-of-mouth recognition from smaller partners, such as physical therapists, can make a significant difference in expanding your client list and increasing your influence in the local area.

Making Strategic Partnerships as a Visiting Angels Home Care Franchise Owner

As the proud owner of a Visiting Angels® home care franchise, your main focus will be on improving the lives of seniors and their families. In turn, your strategic partnerships should share the aim of helping others while growing your business.

Keeping an eye on the ultimate mission and core values of the Visiting Angels organization is key as you choose the right partners in the local area. With these values as your compass, you’re sure to find win-win partnerships that expand your presence in the community, help you build your brand, and ensure families in need know where to turn for reliable home care.

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