Visiting Angels Named Best Franchise Opportunity in Senior Services
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Visiting Angels Named Best Franchise Opportunity in Senior Services

Looking for 2019’s best franchise opportunity in the senior care sector? Look no further than Visiting Angels®! We were recently named “Best in Category” for senior services in the Franchise Business Review’s annual franchise rankings report.

In addition to being named the best franchise opportunity in senior services, Visiting Angels also made the overall list of Top Franchises. In fact, we were named the fifth best franchise opportunity across all sectors! This was our 10th year in a row as a Top Franchise, earning us a spot in the FBR’s exclusive Franchise Hall of Fame which honors franchises that show a consistent, long-term “dedication to listening to and doing right by their franchisees.”

Why We’re the Best Franchise Opportunity in Senior Services

To create its 2019 rankings, the FBR considered over 300 franchise brands. Franchisees from each brand completed a 33-question franchisee satisfaction survey. The FBR then scored each brand using its Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI).

If you’re wondering how we achieved the “Best in Category” award for senior services, look no further than the scores we received from our franchisees.

Out of nine high-level categories, Visiting Angels received an overall score of “very good” or “excellent” in all nine categories. We achieved top marks for our core organizational values, our franchisee community, the self-evaluated performance of our franchisees, and franchisee’s general satisfaction.

Here are a few of the individual questions where we scored our very highest marks...

  • Respect. How franchisees rate their overall relationship with their franchisor and their respect for the franchise organization.
  • Enjoy the Business. How franchisees rate their enjoyment of operating their franchise business.
  • Enjoy the Organization. How franchisees rate their enjoyment of being part of the franchise organization as a whole.
  • Do It Over Again. How likely would franchisees be to make the same decision to invest in their franchise, knowing what they know today.
  • Recommend. How likely would franchisees be to recommend this franchise opportunity to others.

This is the tenth straight year that Visiting Angels has made the FBR’s list of best franchise opportunities. It’s also the seventh straight year that we’ve bee named the #1 or #2 best franchise opportunity in senior services!

Senior Services Rated a Top-Earning Franchise Sector

Here’s some more good news from the FBR for anyone who’s thinking of investing in a senior care franchise. Based on median pre-tax income, franchisees in the senior services sector report the fourth-highest earnings of any franchise sector. And out of those five sectors, the seniors services sector has the lowest median cost of investment.

This is yet another reason why the FBR named Visiting Angels its best franchise opportunity in senior services and its fifth-best franchise opportunity overall.

For starters, we’re one of the most successful and well-recognized brands in our industry. This gives our franchisees the resources they need to succeed in the senior care market. Our industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing in America right now, driven by the wave of Baby Boomers who have recently reached retirement age.

At the same time, we boast one of the more affordable franchise opportunities within the senior services sector. A Visiting Angels franchise territory costs as little as $45,950, with an initial investment as low as $84,085. This is even more impressive when you consider our ongoing royalty and cooperative marketing fees, which are particularly franchisee-friendly.

In fact, the average gross revenue of a Visiting Angels franchise is $1.1 million annually, with a profit margin between 15% and 18%. That means the average Visiting Angels franchise owner enjoys pre-tax earnings of $165,000 to $198,000. That is more than double the median pre-tax income for our sector, according to the FBR’s figures.

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