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Digital Marketing Assistance for Home Care Franchisees

Establishing your website with solid rankings and attracting the attention of search engines is a crucial aspect of running a successful home care franchise that should not be overlooked. From acquiring page one rankings on SERPs to ensuring the name and contact information of your business are correctly listed in online directories, there are many factors that go into creating a robust online presence.

Our decades of experience at Visiting Angels® have shown us just how important online visibility can be when it comes to our home care franchise reaching the right target market. To that end, we have developed a detailed online marketing program designed to help our franchises be found online and in the communities where their services are needed.

Our Home Care Franchise Digital Strategy

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy offers a number of benefits to our franchisees. By incorporating a range of tools and areas of concentration, we give our individual franchise locations the best possible foundation for success in an increasingly digital world.

Below are some of the various components of this strategy, what they look like in action, and how they help set our franchisees up for success.

Online Lead Generation and Distribution

Our marketing team works on an ongoing basis to drive rankings by using both sponsored links and organically generated listings. Our proven SEO strategy and sustained efforts in this area ensure the national website consistently receives first page rankings on major search engines.

Thanks to this optimal positioning, we are able to generate thousands of client leads on a monthly basis. These leads are then distributed to the owners of our home care franchises helping them to grow their business.

Both the nationwide referrals generated by our online marketing strategy and word of mouth leads are processed by our corporate headquarters. Leads are distributed to each franchise location based on the protected territory they own.

Leads are always documented by our live operators, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take calls and provide initial support for potential clients. This carefully structured process has been perfected over many years. It has played a major role in our brand becoming an industry leader in online marketing, making operating a home care franchise even easier for our franchisees.

Ongoing Updates to the Corporate and Local Websites

Another element of our online marketing strategy that makes it so successful is our commitment to conducting ongoing updates to our national website and individual franchisee sites. These updates are important for two reasons.

  1. We strive to ensure consumers have access to the latest information that is relevant to their needs.
  2. Fresh content, improved speed, reduced load times, and other updates promote high rankings on search engines, like Google.

Websites not updated frequently quickly fall to the bottom search rankings, dramatically reducing their visibility. Visiting Angels home care franchise sites, on the other hand, are ranked where consumers can see them, as they benefit from the regular updates we provide.

Maintenance of Our Online Knowledge Center

One of the avenues through which we update content on our national website is through our Knowledge Center. This portion of the site offers ample information about home care and various topics of interest to those who are caring for aging loved ones.

Consumers rely on this information to help them make important care-related decisions, educate themselves on their options, and avoid feeling alone as they experience some of the more difficult aspects of caregiving. Freely providing this type of information helps build trust among our consumer base.

It also benefits each of our home care franchises. When the brand as whole is seen as a reliable source for information and expertise, it helps lift the value of our individual locations by positioning them as individuals with knowledge to share and support to offer.

Gathering Candidates for Caregiver Jobs at Our Home Care Franchises

Our national site doesn’t only generate client leads. It also attracts candidates for caregiver jobs. This visibility can be a huge help for the owners of our home care franchises, simplifying the task of finding qualified applicants for their caregiver teams.

As with client leads, we help ensure potential caregivers are directed to the employment opportunities at the Visiting Angels franchise in their preferred location. In addition to their local recruitment efforts, our franchisees benefit from candidates who apply via our national site. The nationally recognized Visiting Angels brand name and our strong online presence positively contribute to attracting the caregiving talent needed to provide high-quality services for their clients.

Social Media Marketing Support

In this day and age, social media can be a powerful tool for businesses and consumers alike. From review-based platforms to social networking sites and smartphone applications with a social element, these technologies allow for an immediate form of interaction and communication. It’s therefore important for new business owners to hit the ground running with a detailed game plan for maintaining a positive presence on social media.

We offer experienced support in the area of social media marketing, so our franchisees can worry less about their online reputation and more about helping their clients. This support includes the operation of national social media accounts that act as a megaphone for our brand, as well as assistance on a local level for our franchisees, so they can manage a healthy presence on the most relevant platforms.

Trusted Partnerships with Third-Party Digital Marketing Experts

We also partner with experts in the field of digital marketing to ensure our franchisees are always benefitting from cutting-edge innovations in online branding and lead generation. These third-party vendors are dedicated to helping our franchisees establish the strongest possible search rankings and a heightened online presence that instills trust and confidence in potential clients and caregivers.

All agencies on our preferred provider list are carefully vetted by our corporate team. Our franchisees can have confidence as they engage these services to improve rankings of their local sites and manage their online reputations.

Learn more about how our strategic and comprehensive digital marketing strategy can help your Visiting Angels home care franchise thrive. Simply call 800-365-4189 today to speak with one of our representatives, or contact us online to request additional information about our exciting franchise opportunities!