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Homecare Franchise Opportunities in Ashtabula, OH

Welcome to Ashtabula SignIf you’re looking for homecare franchise opportunities in Ashtabula, OH, you’re in luck. Visiting Angels® is currently searching for potential franchisees for our Ashtabula territory, which we’ve identified as one of our strongest franchise opportunities.

Ashtabula, OH, and the surrounding areas, have a lot to offer if you’re starting a homecare franchise, with opportunities to serve the region’s current population of elderly adults, as well as Ashtabula’s next generation of seniors. With a Visiting Angels homecare franchise, you could seize these opportunities, bringing America’s Choice in Homecare to the Ashtabula region.

Why a Homecare Franchise Opportunity in Ashtabula, OH?

A successful homecare business depends on a supportive market. It’s little wonder, then, that we’re seeing strong interest in homecare franchises within Ashtabula, OH.

For starters, Ashtabula has the demographics needed to support a robust homecare market. Seniors currently make up 14.0% of Ashtabula’s population and 15.2% of Ashtabula County’s. The region’s demographics are even more favorable in terms of future market growth. Adults aged 50 to 64 years old make up 19.0% of the population in Ashtabula and 21.6% of Ashtabula County residents.

Despite the existing and future demand for homecare services in Ashtabula, the region’s market for in-home senior services has plenty of room for new providers. While the city has a number of choices for senior living facilities, fewer options exist for senior homecare. Most of Ashtabula’s existing homecare providers are either independent caregivers, non-profit organizations, or smaller agencies.

What Ashtabula lacks is a major, name-brand provider of home care services. With a Visiting Angels homecare franchise, you would have the opportunity to fill this void, providing Ashtabula seniors with the care they need to age in place safely and comfortably.

Why a Visiting Angels Homecare Franchise?

Visiting Angels offers a number of key features that set us apart from other homecare franchise opportunities, and which make us ideally suited to markets like Ashtabula, OH.

These include:

  • Affordable initial costs, including a franchise fee of less than $50K for a protected territory of 100K population.
  • Low ongoing fees for franchise royalties and co-op marketing.
  • Unique protected territory policy, giving franchisees access to clients in unprotected areas outside of their territory.
  • National name recognition, driven by marketing campaigns for print, radio, internet, and TV, including ad campaigns on channels like Fox News, CNN, and HGTV.
  • Customizable local marketing materials available through the Angels Resource Center (ARC).
  • Yearly franchisee retreats attended by hundreds of Visiting Angels franchise owners.
  • Extensive training for new franchisees, plus unlimited support by email, phone, and in person from our Regional Directors.
  • Average annual revenues of more than $1 million, with profit margin of 15% to 18%.
Learn more about Visiting Angels homecare franchise opportunities and get detailed information on our Ashtabula, OH, territory by submitting an online request or calling us at 800-365-4189