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Senior Care Franchise Opportunities in the Smart Tech Age

The senior care industry is at the start of an unprecedented growth period in America. As the baby boomer generation has begun to enter retirement age, the demand for in-home care has been expanding like never before — a demand filled by family caregivers, independent care professionals, and senior care companies like Visiting Angels.

But this growth period has come with another seismic shift in American life. Smart technology is now sprouting up in every corner of our lives, and several senior-care focused technologies have entered the market. That begs the question: are senior care franchise opportunities still viable in the age of smart tech?

The answer: a resounding “yes!”

Here’s why…

Human Connection Matters in Senior Care

Smart technology has all sorts of great applications. Controlling your TV, your lights, or your refrigerator through your smartphone has many benefits. But these are activities where a switch to smart technology doesn’t mean a loss of human connection. That’s simply not the case when it comes to the senior care industry.

In senior care, face to face interaction is one of the most important parts of care. Successful senior care franchises are built on finding the right match between a senior and their care provider. That connection is the backbone of any care relationship. The companionship element of care is invaluable for many seniors, and that’s something that no app or smartphone will be able to replace.

Seniors are Late Adapters

Senior care franchise opportunities will remain viable for another reason beyond the companionship element of care — namely, that seniors tend to be late tech adapters. According to a survey by the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS), few seniors are willing to use cell phones or the internet for more than basic tasks.

So, despite a slew of new apps that are meant to help seniors live more easily at home, most of these apps are a hard sell for their target market. Beyond Skype, Facebook, and the occasional Google search, most seniors simply don’t feel comfortable with smart technology.

Still, Expect Some Changes…

While senior care franchise opportunities will be viable for many years to come, that doesn’t mean the senior care landscape won’t be changed by new technology. In particular, smart cars are expected to change the way that seniors get around, and new changes in social media will leave their impact on older generations. But as far as in-home support, person-to-person senior care is here to stay.

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