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Visiting Angels Reviews

At Visiting Angels, our caregivers are like family to the individuals they support. Our home care services play an important role in lives of families across the country and around the world. We strive to provide the best possible care to each of our clients and look forward to their reviews of Visiting Angels home care services.

Visiting Angels reviews are an important way for our franchise owners and leadership team to receive feedback and gauge the success of our services. Reviews of our local Visiting Angels offices help us to benchmark the success of the services being provided. Visiting Angels reviews enable us to guarantee our caregivers are providing superior home care services.

As a leading franchisor, we work with our local offices to ensure they can easily track and respond to reviews of their local Visiting Angels office. Monitoring and responding to Visiting Angels reviews, both positive and constructive, is an essential part of our online local marketing strategy.

We are always appreciative of any client who takes the time provide feedback of our services. Below you will find just a small sample of the many Visiting Angels reviews we have received.

Lydia Roos – Tucson, AZ   Their experience and support

 “What a wonderful group of people supporting the franchisees. I get many leads a week [from Visiting Angels Corp] and they are converted into clients for us…..these are clients that are truly interested in home care. I just ended my 2nd year [as a Visiting Angels franchise owner] and we have had tremendous growth….the support of the franchise is amazing.”

Sheryl Ross – Los Angeles, CA   I get personalized one-on-one support

“If you have problems with caregivers, you want to know how to grow your business, whatever you need, you get 2 hours of their time [in the one-on-one meetings]. They [Visiting Angels Corp] have all the answers and it’s a great resource.”

Sheryl Roos – Los Angeles, CA   Do other homecare agencies allow you to select your caregiver?

“After we’ve met with a client and figure out what their needs are, their personality, we think about a caregiver that’s a good match. [The family] gets to ask questions they want of the caregiver, the caregiver can ask questions too, and that way we start of the relationship on a good, good note.”

Peg Pickett – Orlando, FL   National branding…we’re established

“We go out and people say wow, we’ve heard about you [Visiting Angels], you guys do a great job, and part of that is because of the branding the corporate office does for us. If you’re going out to close a client, if you’re out marketing or networking, you’re getting the important things that you need [from Visiting Angels Corp] to make your business successful.”

Patty Andresen – Newport News, VA   The owners of Visiting Angels…their hearts are in the right place

“The thing that I like the most, I think, about this franchise [Visiting Angels] is the support that we get from our home office. The thing they [owners of Visiting Angels] tell us all the time is do the care as you should, do the best care you can and the money will come.

We are humbled by the positive feedback and reviews we receive of the Visiting Angels offices around the country. Our caregivers and franchise owners are passionate about providing compassionate home care services. Positive Visiting Angels reviews, like those you see above, provide us with the inspiration to continue serving our local communities across the country and around the world.

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