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Use Your Expertise to Offer Assistance to Seniors – Own a Home Care Assistance Franchise


With so many baby boomers reaching retirement age, the need for home care is at an all-time high and only bound to increase. 70 million Americans will reach the age of 65 over the next 15 years, and many will need help, support, and professional attention. For those with experience in the medical field, this is a perfect opportunity to own your own home care franchise. What better kind of business to run than one that helps those in need?

Visiting Angels is the home care industry leader in providing essential needs to the elderly and disabled. A Visiting Angels home care franchise provides medical professionals with the opportunity to be of service while also running their own business. Founded in 1998, our mission has always been rooted in offering the seniors the help they need to live at home for as possible. Our Angel companions provide the help with a gentle hand so seniors can enjoy the dignity of independence and all the comforts of home.

Owning a Visiting Angels home care franchise means freedom and comfort for you as well! As an expert in the medical field, providing aid in the home allows you the liberty to practice your skills without the umbrella of corporate leadership and bureaucracy hanging over your head. Instead, you control the operation, putting what is right and best for your seniors over everything else and making a living in the meantime.

Being your own boss is great, but what about the world around us? This is where you can truly make an impact. As an owner of a home care assistance franchise, you are creating a wave of positivity for the community around you. The healthier our seniors are, the more active they can be in their communities. Caring for our loved ones is of vital importance, as their wisdom, generosity, experience, and love carries our next generations into their own prime. Our elders have the knowledge and experience we can benefit from as we navigate our own lives. Your experience as a medical professional goes hand in hand with empathy and the kind of compassion that creates and nurtures a ripple effect that can reach far and wide.

With 10,000 baby boomers hitting retirement age every single day, the need for home care is growing.  So many of our seniors face health issues and struggle to perform everyday tasks without support. Your role as a skilled medical authority puts you in a crucial position to be the difference maker in our communities and the country at large. You can serve this critical role while being your own boss, making your own hours, determining your own income level, and having the freedom of being a business owner. All the while, Visiting Angels will be propping you up, supporting you with all the tools you need to do the great work you can do for our seniors.

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