Marketing Your Senior Care Franchise
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Marketing Your Senior Care Franchise

One of the keys to building a successful senior care franchise is marketing your business. It’s important that seniors in your area know about your business, associate it with quality care, and know how they can get started with your home care programs. This requires resources, time, and know-how, but if executed properly, a strong marketing campaign can mean big things for your senior care franchise.

At Visiting Angels, our senior care franchise owners receive detailed guidance in how to develop a successful local marketing campaign, along with resources and materials to put their campaigns into practice. Below are some of the strategies we advise for our senior care franchises, as well as some of the ways we support our franchise owners in their marketing efforts.


Advertising and Consumer Outreach

Marketing your business directly to consumers can involve large-scale or small-scale advertising campaigns, materials that carry your brand name or information about your services, and/or the development of your senior care franchise’s website.

When marketing directly to consumers, it’s important that you:

  • Understand your consumers’ personalities
  • Know what your consumers are looking for from your business
  • Use messaging that your consumers are receptive to
  • Market through channels your consumers use

At Visiting Angels, we help local senior care franchise owners co-ordinate their local marketing efforts with our nationally-run advertising campaigns. These campaigns are featured online and through print, radio, and major TV channels, directing consumers to our 24/7 lead generation center. We also provide local marketing materials directly to franchise owners and offer other consumer marketing services, like building locally optimized websites.


Building a Referral Network for Your Senior Care Franchise

One of the most promising ways to build new business for your senior care franchise is to become the preferred referral for local businesses that work with seniors. By reaching out to local doctors, physiotherapists, senior fitness classes, and other similar businesses, you can begin to build your network of referrers. Visiting Angels gives senior care franchise owners guidance in how best to approach potential referrers and the ways in which you can earn repeat referrals from these sources.

Building Your Reputation & Word of Mouth

In the senior care industry, word of mouth remains perhaps the most important stream for new business. Unlike other marketing strategies, strong word of mouth is built on the back of quality care and quality service. When you and your team do great work, your clients respond by letting others know how big a difference your senior care franchise makes to their lives.

To build strong word of mouth, it’s important you and your team know exactly what it takes to deliver exceptional care. At Visiting Angels, we make this easy by extensively training our senior care franchise owners in what kinds of services and care lead to satisfied clients.

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