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How do we choose our international markets for home care franchise opportunities?

As the Visiting Angels concept is a service based franchise it is easier to export than most traditional concepts such as fast-food, retail and others.

This is a significant advantage for the candidates Visiting HomeCare franchise opportunities as it does not require medical experience or import/export experience and reduces the operating costs dramatically.

Most countries have a need for the type of services we offer and we have done preliminary research based on per capita income, population, retirement age, median age and other factors. Some of this preliminary information will be shared with you once we move further along in the selection process.   

Fabio Scocimara -  Director International Development, international master franchise opportunities
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 Director International Development
How do we approach home care international master franchise opportunities?

Our Master franchisee will need to open a minimum of 3 home care franchise locations within a 12 Month time-frame. This is to provide the Master Franchisee with the understanding and experience they need before moving forward to sell and support individual franchisees in their own territory.

Once we have determined that your initial locations are operating successfully we will give you the right to grow and expand through opening additional corporate locations and/or selling individual home care franchises.

We will jointly monitor the progress of the operation and work with you to make any changes and modifications necessary to your market needs so that your future network of franchisees can invest in the concept with peace of mind.

How do we determine the right candidate for home care franchise opportunities?

As the saying goes, "our success is dependent on your success" so it is important for us to make sure that we have the right partner in any given market.

As an initial assessment the candidate must: 

  • Have a successful track record in operating multiple offices or locations; as a Master Franchisee you will 
    need to be able to work with multiple Visiting Angels offices around your region.
  • Fluent in English: Although many members of our team speak other languages the initial training program is will be held at our offices in the US; you will receive extensive training by many members of our team who may not be familiar with your native language.
  • Financial Requirements: The investment level will vary from country to country, but we estimate that a Master Franchisee will need a minimum of $500,000 up to 1 million (US funds) in order to secure the territory rights, open up their initial units and develop the brand with additional franchisees over the course of the development term.
  • Caring: Our business is driven by the desire to assist and help those who cannot fully manage their day to day needs on their own.  Most, if not all of our successful franchisees in the US have this trait and most that do not, have failed.

Once we have established that you meet the initial requirements for home care master franchise opportunities, we can mutually agree to move forward.  We may require you to take an assessment test (from an independent third party) and deliver to us a complete background check report prior to our board of directors making a final determination on awarding you the Master License in your territory.

I would be glad to answer any questions you may have so feel free to email or call   +1.407.647.6003


Fabio Scocimara


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